A new star has lit up on the European business horizon - World Golden Way LTD.

Hayk Mkrdjyan, the founder and CEO of the company, is a man with a strong, volitional character and an amazing intuition that helps him constantly create new, relevant and always up-to-date projects, did not reinvent the wheel and did not invent anything new. Taking his longtime interest in gemstones as a foundation, knowing and understanding all the main concepts of organizing a business with absolute accuracy, he transformed his passion into a promising business project.

According to the founder of the company, his character has always been genetically based on the desire for success. “Continuously storming the heights is the best way to make your life interesting. After all, where you look, you will go there,” says Hayk Mkrdjyan, who instilled teamwork, focus on results and fighting spirit into the corporate culture of the company. Each employee has his own approach to the implementation of ideas, his own values and motivation, but together we look in one direction and give 120% to complete the task."

Date of Birth
November 26, 1990, Valletta, Republic of Malta

1996-2006 - public comprehensive school (Malta)
2006-2011 - Faculty of Economics and Business, Tilburg University (Netherlands)
2011-2013 - London Business School (LBS)

2013-2017 - President of the International Holding Company. Areas of activity:
1. Comprehensive services for the import and export of seafood from Iran to Europe, as well as the export of caviar from Russia to the United States.
2. A network of metal depots that performs a wide range of services for pre-sale processing, sales and delivery of metal (reinforcement for construction) with a monthly volume of 2.500.000-3.200.000 kg in the following directions - from Ukraine to Georgia and Armenia, from Russia to Finland, from Iran to UAE, etc.

2017-2020 - Vice President of Group of G&R Investment, Dubai's first start-up and mobile phone charger rental service with 15000 sales across the UAE.

2020 - launch of his own startup for the purchase, restoration and sale of gold jewelry and diamonds from banks, financial companies and pawnshops from 30 countries around the world.

Family status
Not married

A supporter of active sports, including football, skiing, tennis, swimming.

He pays great attention to various social projects, regularly provides targeted assistance to various institutions and organizations.

Founder and CEO of the company Hayk Mkrdjyan

What does World Golden Way company do?

The main focus of World Golden Way is aimed at the purchase, restoration and sale of gold jewelry and diamonds from banks, financial companies and pawnshops from 30 countries around the world today. We see a large window of opportunity for our company in the medium and long term, and in order to meet and exceed our ambitious plans, we decided to attract investments. The funds raised will be invested in the creation and expansion of a network of own pawnshops, the opening of new branches, the expansion of the company's international activities, etc. Most of the goals set and the vision for the future of the World Golden Way brand are presented in our roadmap.


Our roadmap describes all the goals, aspirations and vision for the future brand of World Golden Way LTD.

June 10, 2023

Official registration of the company World Golden Way LTD

June 15, 2023

Launch of an online platform for structuring and automating the investment process

September 25, 2023

Launch of World Golden Way LTD online store selling jewelry

December 1st. 2023

Opening of World Golden Way LTD branches in the following cities: Moscow, Astana, Makhachkala, Tbilisi, Yerevan

December 10, 2023

Launching a business process for the implementation of our own pawnshop

April 10, 2024

Launching own pawnshops in Kazakhstan and Armenia

June 10, 2024

Large-scale celebration of the 1st anniversary of World Golden Way LTD in Yerevan

January 1, 2025

Simultaneous grand opening of several branded stores and pawnshops in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.


Launch and promotion of the World Golden Way LTD brand in the USA and European countries


The deadline for accepting investments and the distribution of 15% of the shares / capital of World Golden Way LTD to investors with the largest partner structure for life.


Donation of 5% shares / capital of the company to one of the world's charitable organizations at the discretion of the founder of World Golden Way LTD

  • Our goal is to create an effective long-term business, and we make management decisions taking into account the long-term perspective, and not for the sake of obtaining momentary benefits.

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